Fortinet lanceert Fortimail 6.2

Vrijdag 09/08/2019 heeft Fortinet de release gedaan van Fortimail 6.2, zo komt deze gelijk te staan met het eerder uitgegeven FortiOS 6.2 die we kennen van in de Fortigate. Fortimail is al jaren gekend als een van dé beste mail security oplossingen.

Dit zijn de nieuwe features:

  • MS Office 365 Active Threat Remediation
    FortiMail can now perform post-delivery on-demand scan of the email on MS Office 365. Real-time scan will be added in future releases. Note that a special license is required to use this feature.
  • FortiIsolator Integration
    FortiMail is now able to participate in the security fabric with FortiIsolator. FortiMail can rewrite URLs on a per category basis to FortiIsolator for zero trust browser isolation.
  • Compliance enhancement: in order to comply with compliance standards such as GDPR, the following new features have been added
    – Detail log of all configuration changes
    – Detail log of all actions performed by an admin user on queues and quarantaines
    – Log of all search terms used
  • GeoIP integration
    – Use GeoIP database in IP policiesfor geography-based scanning. Also displays the GeoIP information on the GUI.
  • Attachment Metadata
    – Support DLP filtering based on attachment metadata.
  • TLS 1.3 support
    Starting from 6.2 release, TLS 1.3 is supported for HTTPS access to FortiMail.
  • SSO Support
    In addition to webmail, SSO is also supportedon admin GUI logon now.
  • New variables in email template
    The EnvelopeFromaddress and the Message-ID attribute can now be added as a variable in the quarantine report template. Local host and local domain variables can be added in the email notification template.The variable%%MESSAGE_ID%% is renamed to %%EMAIL_ID%% to avoid confusion. The email ID is assigned by FortiMail to the quarantined email while the message ID is the standard message ID in the email header.
  • LDAP referral and chain query
    LDAP profiles now support LDAP referral and chained query.
  • LDAP group expansion
    Added group level expansion to LDAP profile configuration. For details, see the FortiMail Administration Guide.
  • REST API enhancement
    Added REST API commands to batch release all email in a specific system quarantine folder.Also added commands to access user level information (whitelists and blacklists).
  • IP Pool enhancement
    Now you can use IP pools in ACL delivery rules.
  • HA management enhancement
    To facilitate management of HA clusters, the system information and mail statistics of the cluster members can now be monitored on the cluster master. The logs of the cluster members can also be searched on the master.
  • IBE custom language support
    In addition to predefined languages, user defined languages are not supported on the IBE registration page and secure question page.
  • Search button
    Added Search button on the ACL, IP Policy, and Recipient Policy pages.
  • IP reputation configuration enhancement
    FortiGuard categorizes the blocklisted IP address into three reputation levels. Now you can specify different actions towards different reputation level of IP addresses.
  • Exempt rule for impersonation check
    Now you can add exempt rule so that FortiMail will skip the impersonation check.

Voorts zijn er nog wat kleine aanpassingen gedaan op de Impersonation Analysis, URI click protection en DKIM.

Dit is een GA release, wij adviseren om enkel deze release te gebruiken indien er een fix of feature is die u echt wenst. Zoals bij alle IT oplossingen kan een eerste release nog wat kinderziektes vertonen. Wij hebben ze in ons testlab opgezet en tot nu nog geen eigenaardigheden tegen gekomen.

Contacteer ons gerust voor meer info!