Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP)

What is a CTAP?

A Cyber Threat Assessment is a cybersecurity solution created by Fortinet to assess and monitor the state of your network whithout disruption of your critical resources.
If no fortigate is present in your network, one will be provided for the duration of the analyses period.
The analyses period usually takes up to 7 days leading to 2days of collecting and interpreting the results.

The eventual report will be provided and reviewed together with 1 of our security experts.


Security – Learn more about the application vulnerabilities attacking your network, which malware or botnets were detected, and even pinpoint at risk devices.

Productivity – Discover how cloud-based IaaS/SaaS, peer to peer, gaming, and other application subcategories are being utilized within your network.

Utilization – Find out more about your throughput and bandwidth requirements during peak hours.

2. Email

Security Posture – What malicious or suspicious attacks are reaching your organization.

User Produtivity – How much unwanted and potentially offensive content are users exposed to.

System Utililization – What’s your traffic and usage profile.


Applications – Discover applications connecting externally which could be potential candidates for Direct Internet Access to enhance end-user application experience when architecting your SD-WAN.

Security – Uncover existing threats such as vulnerabilities, malware, and botnets while planning for WAN Edge protection at your branch offices.

Utilization – Ensure your WAN links are utilized and optimized for cost effective operations without compromising on user experience.

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    Example Reports

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